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Second collected edition, first printed in 1561. The four Greek cosmographical and geographical texts (Proclus, Cleomedes, Aratus, Dionysius Periegetes) were first printed together by Petri in 1547. The texts are in Greek, with Latin translations, either on facing pages or in double columns.

Στοιχεία βιβλίου
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Procli De Sphæra Liber I. Cleomedis De Mvndo, siue circularis inspectionis meteororum Libri II. Arati Solensis Phaenomena, siue Apparentia. Dionysii Afri Descriptio Orbis habitabilis. Omnia Græcè & Latinè ita coniuncta, ut conferri ab utriusque linguæ studiosis possint. Adiectis Doctorum virorum annotationibus. unà cum Ioan. Honteri Coronensis de Cosmographiæ rudimentis duplici editione, ligata scilicet & soluta. Cum gratia & priuilegio Cæs. Maiestatis. Basileae, Per Sebastianvm Henricpetri. [colophon: Basileae Per Henricvm Petri, Anno Domini M. D. LXXXV.]

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De Sphæra Liber I ...
Small 8vo
Second collected edition
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Heinrich Petri
Plates & Maps

01. [Cordiform map of the world]
02. [Ireland]
03. [Spain]
04. [Majorca]
05. [France]
06. [England]
07. [Germany]
08. ‘Seelandia’ [Denmark depicted as an island]
09. [Italy]
10. [Sicily]
11. [Greece]
12. [Euboea]
13. [Palestine]
14. [Cyprus]
15. [India]
16. [Java]
17. [Africa]
18. [Madeira]
19. [India]
20. [Ceylon]
21. [Egypt]
22. [Cuba]
23. [North Africa]
24. [Malta]

5 works in 1 vol.