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Editions also appeared in German, 1777, French, 1791, and English, 1791 and 1792, but they are much less complete than the Italian edition.

Giovanni Mariti spent eight years in the Levant. He left Livorno in early 1760 for Sicily and then went on to Acre, where he was involved in business pursuits for two years. He then settled in Larnaca, where he met the English consul Timothy Turner, to whom he had been recommended by his friend Antonio Mondaini. Turner represented not only Great Britain in Cyprus, but also Tuscany and Holland, and he appointed Mariti vice-consul of the Tuscan consulate. Before returning to Italy Mariti again visited Syria, Palestine and Egypt. He was familiar with the political problems and the local personalities of these regions, which he treated in his other works.

Στοιχεία βιβλίου
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Viaggi Per L’ Isola Di Cipro E Per La Soría E Palestina Fatti Da Giovanni Mariti Fiorentino Dall’ Anno MDCCLX. Al MDCCLXVIII. Tomo I. [... Tomo II. ... III. ... IV. ... V. ... VI. ... VII. ... VIII. ... IX.] MDCCLXIX. [... MDCCLXX. ... MDCCLXXIII. ... MDCCLXXIV. ... MDCCLXXV. ... MDCCLXXVI.]

Short Title
Viaggi Per L’ Isola Di Cipro ...
First edition
Place of publication
Lucca; Florence
Publishing responsibility
J. Giusti; G. Cambiagi for the Ducal Printing Office, and Il Giglio, i.e. Stecchi and Pagani
9 vols