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Educational Programmes

The River Speaks

Educational tools (book and mobile app) for children and young people

These educational tools, which investigate the Pediaios River both geographically and historically with reference to art education, are offered in the form of an educational book (e-book) entitled Ο Ποταμός Μιλά: Ο Πεδιαίος στον Χώρο και στον Χρόνο [The river speaks: The Pediaios in space and time] and a mobile app entitled ‘Ο Ποταμός Μιλά: Νερό, Γη και Άνθρωποι στον Πεδιαίο’ [The river speaks: Water, land and people around the Pediaios]. The material can be used in formal primary, secondary and tertiary education, as well as in informal education.

The contents refer to the importance and history of the river’s water management from the 16th century to the 20th, at the same time reflecting on our relationship with the natural environment, especially in urban areas, and the changes in the riverside environment of the Pediaios with the passage of time.

These educational materials are part of the research programme titled Economy, environment, and landscape in the Cypriot longue durée: A Combined Analysis Using Historical Data and Geoinformatics Applications, which was developed by the Department of Geography of Harokopio University and funded by the Sylvia Ioannou Charitable Foundation (2019-2023). Heads of the research group: Christos Chalkias (Professor, Harokopio University) – Antonis Hadjikyriacou (Assistant Professor, Panteion University).

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