Scholarships offered to Greek and Cypriot university graduates for postgraduate and doctoral studies on topics related to the island of Cyprus.

The Scholarship Programme is one of the Foundation’s top priorities. Its aim is to support young scientists and students from Cyprus and Greece who wish to undertake postgraduate studies (Masters or PhD) in any field of study, but with Cyprus as the objective of their dissertation. The prerequisite therefore is that the island of Cyprus is the main topic of the postgraduate thesis or doctoral dissertation, regardless of subject matter. It could, for example, be related to the history, geography, culture or society of Cyprus.

The scholarships are intended for Greek and Cypriot graduates of Greek or Cypriot Universities with a degree of at least eight (8) and aged up to 33 years.

The scholarship provides financial support in the form of a fixed amount, irrespective of tuition or university, and is renewable annually for a maximum duration of three (3) years. The number of scholarships and the amount available per year depends on the number of applicants and the funding offered each year by the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation.

Candidates who are already Masters or PhD students may apply for a scholarship, given that they fulfil the requirements set out in the Terms & Procedure section. Scholars may look for additional sources of funding for their studies.

The submission application process for the 9th Scholarship Programme for the academic year 2021-2022 has ended.