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Thomas Shaw was chaplain to the English factory at Algiers from 1720 to 1733. He visited Egypt, Sinai, Palestine, Cyprus and most of North Africa during this period, although there is little account of Cyprus in his work. One of the interesting features of this work is that the plates, highly valued in particular for their botanical and zoological content, are dedicated to prominent figures in the English cultural and social life of the period.

Στοιχεία βιβλίου
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Travels, Or Observations Relating To Several Parts Of Barbary And The Levant. By Thomas Shaw, D.D. Fellow of Queen’s-College in Oxford, and F.R.S. Oxford, Printed at the Theatre, MDCCXXXVIII.

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Travels ...
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Oxford University Press
Plates & Maps

List of plates, our numbers:

01. A Map of the Western Province of the Kingdom of Algiers (dpf)
02. A Plan of the City and Port of Warran or Oran ...
03. Tabula Itineraria Peutingeriana [North Africa, Djerba to Algeria] (d-p)
04.-05. [Botanical specimens, 2 plates back to back]
06.-07. [Botanical specimens, 2 plates back to back]
08.-09. [Botanical specimens, 2 plates back to back]
10. [Geological specimens]
11. [Fossils]
12. [Coins]
13. A Map of the Southern Province of the Kingdom of Algiers (d-p)
14. A Plan of the City and Country round about Algiers
15. A Map Of The Eastern Province Of The Kingdom Of Algiers (dpf)
16. [Decorations of the bridge at Constantine]
17. A Map of the Kingdom of Tunis (dpf)
18. Charta exhibens Situm antiquum Carthaginis ...
19. The Back Front of three contiguous Temples at Sufetula
20. [Birds]
21. [Plan of a house in Barbary]
22. A Map of the Coast of Syria, Phoenice, and of The Holy Land
23. A Plan of the City and Country about Jerusalem. (dpf)
24. Part Of The Mediterranean Sea Or The Sea Of The Levant (dpf)
25. The Prospect of Mount Sinai ... / ... Meribah
26. [Eastern Mediterranean]
27. [Zoological specimens]
28. The Obelisk at Mattareah.
29. [Egyptian antiquities]
30. [Egyptian antiquities]
31. [Egyptian antiquities]
32. [Egyptian antiquities]