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The first issue of the second edition appeared in 1629, and both issues are marked ‘seconde édition’. The second issue is dated 1632. The work was first published in 1624. A third edition appeared in 1645.

Des Hayes was sent to the Levant by Louis XIII to establish a French consulate in Jerusalem, but also to check the encroachments of other churches on the Catholic establishments. He provided us not only with a description of his journey, but also with a clear account of the structure of the Ottoman Empire, as well as the most complete description yet recorded of the Seraglio. It is suggested that Des Hayes did not write this account on his own, but had the help of some secretary. Other writers, including Chateaubriand, used Des Hayes’ text, which is also significant for the important documents it contains. His account of Cyprus includes a unique plan of Famagusta, which shows a planned extension of the walls on the west side of the town. 

Στοιχεία βιβλίου
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Voiage De Levant Fait par le Commandement Dv Roy en lannée 1621 par Le Sr. D. C. Seconde edition. A Paris. Chez Adrian Tavpinart Rue St. Iacques. a la Sphere 1632.

Short Title
Voiage De Levant Fait par le Commandement Du Roy ...
Second edition, second issue.
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Adrian Taupinart
Plates & Maps

List of plates, our numbers:

01. [Plan of Constantinople]
02. [Map of the Bosphorus]
03. [Map of the Hellespont]
04. [Map of Asia Minor]
05. [Plan of Rhodes Town]
06. [Plan of Jerusalem]