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Libraries as Repositories of Knowledge: Present and Future

Editors: Filippos Tsimpoglou, Elena Diomidi-Parpouna
Editor: Artemis Scutari
Language: English
Athens, 2017

E-proceedings (Athens 2017) from the first session of the 3rd International Conference of the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation, which took place in collaboration with the University of Cyprus under the title "Knowledge is power" (Nicosia, November 2016). Eminent experts from Europe and the USA investigated the achievements, challenges and prospects of five significant models of libraries (academic; art library; digital; public; national), with emphasis on the need and potential for synergy between different types of Open Libraries. Aiming to promote the dialogue on the present and future of libraries as active repositories of knowledge, the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation offers readers the e-proceedings for free, providing them with open access to an international forum where the exchange of views on this subject is continued.

E-book in English, 82 pages
ISBN: 978-618-83044-1-3
Published by AdVenture SA