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Volume 3

Reisebeschreibung nach Arabien und andern umliegenden Ländern ...


Volume 3 was published some 60 years after the publication of vols 1 and 2. This volume has an additional title, Reisen durch Syrien und Palästina nach Cypern, facing the uniform title.

Carsten Niebuhr, the traveller-land surveyor, visited Cyprus in July of 1766 in the course of the Danish expedition to Egypt and Arabia. His visit to Cyprus is of particular significance for the plan of the ancient city of Kition (Citium) which he prepared during his stay on the island, and which was published by Giovanni Mariti in his Dissertazione istorico-critica sull’ antica città di Citium. His account of Cyprus is found in vol. 3, pp.11 and 20-33, with a plan of Larnaca on plate III.

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Carsten Niebuhrs Reisebeschreibung nach Arabien und andern umliegenden Ländern. Erster Band. [... Zweyter Band ... Dritter Band.] Kopenhagen, Gedruckt in der Hofbuchdruckerey bey Nicolaus Möller, 1774. [... 1778 ... Hamburg, bei Friedrich Perthes. 1837.]

Short Title
Reisebeschreibung nach Arabien und andern umliegenden Ländern ...
1st edition
Place of publication
Copenhagen and Hamburg
Publishing responsibility
Nicolaus Möller, F. A. Brockhaus for Friedrich Perthes
1774-1778, 1837
3 vols