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Porcacchi’s work enjoyed a tremendous success; seven editions/issues had appeared by 1686. The maps were engraved by the well-known Girolamo Porro and are masterly specimens of the art of miniature engraving. The Isole famose is in most respects a traditional isolario. However, it stands out because of the important information furnished by the author. He stated in his book that his texts were based on information gathered from travellers and mariners, as well as from classical sources. The extensive text on Cyprus is introduced by Porro’s map of Cyprus, pp. 20-23.

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L’Isole Piv Famose Del Mondo Descritte Da Thomaso Porcacchi Da Castiglione Arretino E Intagliate Da Girolamo Porro Padovano Al Sereniss. Principe Et Il S. Don Giovanni D’Avstria General della Santiss. Lega. Con Privilegio. In Venetia. Appresso Simon Galignani & Girolamo Porro. MDLXXII.

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Isole Piu Famose Del Mondo ...
Sm. folio
First edition
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Simon Galignani and Girolamo Porro
Plates & Maps

01. ‘Venetia’
02. Corfv
03. Morea Penisola
04. Candia
05. Cipro
06. Rhodi
07. Arcipelago
08. Negroponte
09. Sicilia
10. Malta
11. Corsica
12. Sardegna
13. Elba
14. Maiorica
15. Minorica
16. Inghilterra
17. Scotia
18. Irlanda
19. Hollanda
20. Islanda
21. Gotlandia
22. Spagnvola
23. Cvba
24. S. Lorenzo
25. Taprobana
26. Isole Molvcche.
27. Mondo Nvovo.
28. ‘Temistitan’
29. ‘Mappamondo.’
30. ‘Carta Da Navigare.’