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Veryard came of a family long established in Plymtree, Devon. He studied medicine in Utrecht and Leiden and began his 13-year long travels in 1682. He set out for the Levant from Livorno in February 1686. The account of the Levant occupies pp. 281-360. Cyprus is described on pp. 327-329.

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An Account Of Divers Choice Remarks, As Well Geographical, As Historical, Political, Mathematical, Physical, And Moral; Taken in a Journey Through The Low-Countries, France, Italy, and Part of Spain; With the Isles of Sicily and Malta. As Also, A Voyage to the Levant: A Description of Candia, Egypt, the Red Sea, the Desarts of Arabia, Mount-Horeb, and Mount-Sinai; the Coasts of Palestine, Syria, and Asia-Minor; the Hellespont, Propontis, and Constantinople; the Isles of the Carpathian, Egean, and Ionian Seas. Wherein, Their present State, Interest, Customs, Manners, and Religion; their Learning, and Learned Men; with the most celebrated Pieces of Sculpture, Painting, &c. are more Accurately set forth ... And what else occurr’d most Remarkable in Thirteen Years Travels. Illustrated with divers Figures. By E. Veryard, M. D. London: Printed, and sold by S. Smith and B. Walford, at the Prince’s-Arms in St. Paul’s Church-Yard, MDCCI.

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Account Of Divers Choice Remarks ...
1st edition
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Samuel Smith and Benjamin Walford