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Recherches Scientifiques En Orient…


Within the context of French interest in the Eastern Mediterranean, Gaudry was sent on a government mission to the Levant by the French Ministry of Agriculture. He travelled from March 1853 to January 1854 through Greece, Cyprus, Syria and Egypt, examining the state of agriculture there. Part II, the largest section of his book, is devoted to the agriculture of Cyprus, with two accompanying maps. Part III of the book is dedicated to sericulture in Smyrna, Chios, Cyprus and Syria, while part IV is devoted to viticulture.

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Recherches Scientifiques En Orient Entreprises Par Les Ordres Du Gouvernement, Pendant Les Années 1853-1854, Et Publiées Sous Les Auspices Du Ministère De L’Agriculture, Du Commerce Et Des Travaux Publics, Par Albert Gaudry. Partie Agricole. Paris. Imprimerie Impériale. M DCCC LV.

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Recherches Scientifiques En Orient…
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