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From one of the many editions of The English Pilot published after 1716 by William Mount and Thomas Page, possibly the edition of 1733.

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[Drophead title:] The English Pilot. Part III. Describing the Sea-Coasts, Bays, Roads, Gulphs, Harbours and Moulds; the Islands, Rocks, Shoals, and Dangers in the Mediteranian [sic] Sea.

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English Pilot. Part III ...
Possibly the edition of 1733
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Mount and Page?
after 1716
Plates & Maps

List of charts, our numbers:

01. A Chart of the Straits of Gibralter. / Joel Gascoyne Sculp

02. A Chart of the Sea-Coast of Spain From the Straits mouth to C de Gat And of the Sea-Coast of Barbary From the Straits mouth to C de Hone

03. A Chart of the Sea-Coast of Spain From Cape de Gata to Cape S. Martin. And of the Sea-Coast of Barbary From Cape de Hone to Cape de Tenes By John Seller Hydrograph.r to ye King

04. The Sea Coast of Barbary From Cape de Tenes to Cape de Rosa By John Seller Hydrographer to the King / Iames Bennett Sculp / [insets:] ‘Argier’, ‘Bona’

05. Barcelona By Iohn Gaudy ... Anno 1705 / A Large Chart of Port Maon on the Island Minorca on the Mediterranean / The Harbour Of Malta

06. The Sea Coast of Valencia and Catalonia From C S Martin to C Dragon With the Island of Maiorca Minorca and Jvica

07. The Sea Coast of Languedoc, Provence, and Part of Italy; from Cape Dragon, to Cape Delle Melle. / [inset:] ‘The Bay of Toulon’

08. The Sea Coast of the Island Sardinia and Corsica / Ia: Bennett Sculp

09. The Sea Coast of Italy From Cape Delle Melle to Mount Argentato With the Island of Corsica / Ja: Bennet Sculp

10. A Chart of the Sea Coast of Italy, Sicily; and Part of Barbary

11. A Sea Chart of the Gulph of Venice. Describing all the Sea Coasts and Islands contained therein

12. A Chart of the Islands Corfu, Pachsu and Antipachsu with ye Channel and Roads between the Island of Corfu & ye Grætian Coast / J. Gascoyne Sculp

13. A Chart of the South part of Cephalonia, with the Island of Zante, and the Coast of Morea, from C. Chiarese, to C. Sapienza — A Chart of the South Coast of Morea from Venetica to C S Angelo with ye Islands of Serigo Serigoto and part of Candia / J. Gas. Sculp. [two charts on one plate]

14. A New Chart Of The Archipelago Corrected by Ion Gaudy 1716. / S.m Parker Sculp.t

15. A Chart of the Levant or the Sea Coast of Egypt Syria Caramania and the Island Cyprus, newly Corrected by Iohn Gaudy / S Parker Sculp.t