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Second edition in French, translated from the Italian original and with additional remarks by the theologian Richard Simon (1638-1712). The place of printing is given as Paris, but The Hague has been attributed by both the Bodleian Library and the Royal Library of the Netherlands. The first French edition appeared in 1675, printed by Billaine in Paris. This work is a translation of Dandini’s voyage to Mt Lebanon, first published in Cesena in 1656 as Missione apostolica al patriarca, e Maroniti del Monte Libano.
The Jesuit Dandini had been sent by Pope Clement VIII to cement the union of the Maronite Church with Rome. The French editions, with Richard Simon’s notes and remarks, are especially valued. Simon, a forerunner of modern biblical criticism, was in disfavour in France because of his historical and critical researches into the Bible, and his works were condemned. Thus most of his later works were printed in Holland.
There are three chapters on Cyprus at the beginning of the work, and two at the end describing Limassol, Nicosia and Larnaca.

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Voyage Du Mont Liban, Traduit de L’Italien, Du R.P.Jerome Dandini Nonce en ce Pais-la. Où il est traité tant de la créance & des coûtumes des Maronites, que de plusieurs particularitez touchant les Turcs, & de quelques lieux considerables de l’Orient; Avec Des remarques sur la Theologie des Chrêtiens du Levant, & sur celle des Mahometans. Par R. S. P. Suivant la Copie Imprimé A Paris, Chez Louis Billaine, au Second Pilier de la Grand’ Salle du Palais, à la Palme & au grand Cesar. M. D. C. LXXXV.

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Voyage Du Mont Liban ...
Second edition in French
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Paris but probably The Hague
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