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Webinar «Η Ιστορία έχει πρόσωπο. Οι μορφές των Αγωνιστών από τους συγχρόνους τους καλλιτέχνες»

Gennadius Library Philoi, 14 April 2021

Webinar by Charikleia G. Dimacopoulou, scientific supervisor of the publication Η Ιστορία έχει πρόσωπο – Μορφές του 1821 στην Ελλάδα του Όθωνα από τον βέλγο διπλωμάτη Benjamin Mary (Αθήνα, 2020).

About the presentation:
In our collective subconscious, the figure of the fighters of 1821 is identified with the well-known posters we remember from our school years, images based on the large oil paintings of the National Historical Museum. Apart from the well-known philhellene painters and engravers who illustrated the Greek War of Independence, the Belgian diplomat Benjamin Mary, while staying in Greece (1839-1844), captured the figures of the people he met. He was present during the National Assembly of 1843-44 and, like a photojournalist, he was constantly drawing delegates and spectators. For many of them it is the only image we have. For the most famous, however, he gave us a picture of them as realistic as possible. 22 of his drawings are presented in the outdoor exhibition hosted in the fencing of the National Garden for the 200 years since the Greek War of Independence.

The webinar was organised by Gennadius Library Philoi.

Artemis Skoutari, President of the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation
Maria Georgopoulou, Director of Gennadius Library
Catherine Boura, President of Gennadius Library Philoi