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The collected works of Kostis Palamas donated to schools in Cyprus

11 December 2023

Since its inception, the Sylvia Ioannou Charitable Foundation has been associated with promoting education and research, particularly by setting up scholarships to support young people from Greece and Cyprus.

Driven by the love of its founder for the work of the poet Kostis Palamas, the Foundation has decided to offer the libraries of 23 secondary schools in Cyprus, as well as the Stelios Ioannou Learning Resource Centre of the University of Cyprus, copies of the new edition of the national poet’s Άπαντα [Collected works]. Specifically, the Foundation is donating the complete literary series published by the Kostis Palamas Foundation, under the general philological supervision of K. G. Kasinis with assistance from a number of specialist scholars. The edition contains the entire literary work (poetic, prose, theatrical, critical, translation, journalistic) and correspondence (published and unpublished) of the leading poet of Hellenism.

The Sylvia Ioannou Charitable Foundation is making this donation in the belief that the work of Kostis Palamas will enrich school libraries, constituting a useful tool and stimulus for language and literature lessons and in other educational activities. Students are invited to immerse themselves in the work of the poet and discover his special love for Cyprus, as repeatedly expressed in his poems and prose.

Cyprus. Both the people and the places, even though distant, disturb my thinking, more often and more easily presenting themselves before me as if cloaked in the glinting ethereal body of the spirits. They become ideas. The idea of Cyprus, I don’t know why, quite distinctly awakens my imagination.

(Excerpt from an article by Kostis Palamas in the Ἀλήθεια newspaper [Limassol], 17 January 1908)